Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flash可のSkyFire BrowserがApp Storeに登場か

gadgets DNA: SkyFire Browser App brings Flash Content on iPhone – [Coming Soon]

SkyFire mobile browserチームの開発者たちは、
このアプリがapp storeに承認されれば、簡単にFlashサイトでアニメーションを見たり、
iPhone, iPod touch, iPadのjailbreakなしでだ。

The developers over SkyFire mobile browser team is working hard that will allow you to play Flash elements within web pages on your iPhone very soon. And once the app is approved in app store, you can easily access flash enabled sites, view animation and play flash games without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Flashとの戦いが続いているならば、Steveは開発者にAdobe Flashプラットフォームのサポートを止めさせるだろう。
AppleがAdobe Flashをサポートするブラウザを承認するか楽しみだ。
FlashアプリケーションがApp Storeに加わるチャンスはわずかだが。

Some legit sources have confirmed that SkyFire has just entered the final testing phase and plans to submit to Apple this week. However, this does not mean that SkyFire browser will actually be approved in Appstore. To continue its war against Flash, Steve could force developers to abandon support for the Adobe flash platform. Let’s see if Apple approves another alternative browser that supports Adobe’s platform, although the chances of seeing a Flash application on the App Store are really minimal.

もし欲望を抑えきれないならば、Adobe Flash 10.1を動かすために、
comexのFlash portをjailbreakしたiPhone4で使える。
さらに、同様のアプリCloud Browseはモバイルブラウザの制限を超えて、

If you cannot hold your appetite, you can still use comex Frash port to run Adobe flash 10.1 on your jailbroken iPhone 4. All you need is to follow complete step by step instructions (posted here) to install Flash 10.1 on Jailbroken iPhone 4. Worth recalling that, similar app Cloud Browse prevents the limitations of a mobile browser and has all the functionalities of a desktop browser like Firefox with the ability to view flash content.

ただ一つのWeb 2.0基準を全てサポートしたモバイルブラウザということだ。
Ajax, JavaScript, Flashだ。

It is important to note that Skyfire Browser is the only mobile browser that supports all major Web 2.0 standards – Ajax, JavaScript and Flash and provides you a Web browsing experience exactly like PC browsing. Compared to any other mobile browser, Skyfire Browser loads page faster and more accurately on any mobile platform.

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